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With authors having PhD's in their fields, we share the best expertise in creating educational material that meets your needs.  LANAKA PUBLICATIONS markets a culturally relevant series for students with English as a Second Language.

Educational Publications

With global partners, LANAKA  GLOBAL INVESTMENT is able to match your complex needs to the specific market of interest.  This sensitivity to local constraints helps guarantee that the solution is efficient, economical, and lasting.

Management Services

Participate in workshops where business partners share their success stories about doing business in complex global markets

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Export & Import

LANAKA  GLOBAL INVESTMENT can provide solutions for all steps in the complex global export and import process.


Global Business and Cultural Expertise

Global Business, including developing economies, requires a sensitivity to more than just the financial bottom line. We take into account your needs, and the local culture to find the best solution for all stakeholders.  


Lanaka Publications, a  Division of LANAKA  GLOBAL INVESTMENT is committed to creating culturally relevant, 21st Century  educational materials.

Lanaka Management, a  Division of LANAKA GLOBAL INVESTMENT is committed to bringing the best people and management solutions to your enterprise.

Lanaka Export & Import, a  Division of LANAKA  GLOBAL  INVESTMENT is committed to seamlessly and cost efficiently moving your products across the globe.

Educational Publications

Management Solutions

Export & Import Solutions

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